Our Core Values

We are aiming to be the most loving church in Orlando.

Encounter – Loving God

At God’s House we realize that faith starts with an encounter with the Living God. Perpetuating religious tradition, or following rules that someone else gave you is not the way to experience transformation for life. It starts here: There is a God. He loves you, and wants to be known by you. Jesus Christ made it possible to have a personal friendship with God.


We encounter God through Passionate Worship, Effective Prayer, and Careful Biblical Instruction. Our sincere desire for you is to learn to hear God’s voice for yourself, and do what He says.


Opportunities for encountering God at God’s House Orlando include: Sunday celebration services (9:30 am, 11:05 am), Monday Encounters (a dedicated time for encouragement, prayer, and deep worship). The atmosphere is friendly, the dress is casual, the teaching is relevant, and the music is exciting.

Equip – Loving Yourself

Jesus taught that the two greatest commandments are “Love God will all your heart, mind, soul, and strength,” and “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Receiving His incredible love helps you love yourself. At God’s House we want to help you grow in God’s love, discover the gifts He has for you, and be empowered by His Word and His Spirit to become all that you are destined to be.


We are equipped by learning to Serve Tangibly, Grow Gradually, Manage Wisely, and Live Fearlessly. Discover your place in God’s family, and uncover your spiritual gifts.


Opportunities for being equipped at God’s House include: “Better Way” course presenting the foundations for Christian living (a 6 week, interactive, on location journey into powerful living in the real world), “110 Training” (a 5 week, intensive that teaches you how to hear God’s voice and be empowered to make a difference.) “Small Groups” (a variety of groups for interest, fellowship, relationship building, and spiritual growth throughout the city)

Engage – Loving Others

At God’s House we are aiming to be the most loving church in Orlando. But that doesn’t mean just loving those who attend the church. We endeavor to love our city, our families, our communities, our friends, and our neighbors.


We Engage others by Connecting Sincerely, Relating Honestly, and Forgiving Quickly. Jesus called us to “love one another”, and He also said that the world would know we belong to Him by our love.


Opportunities to engage through God’s House include: Volunteer for service teams (Kids Ministry, Music, Media, Drivers, Hospitality, etc), Community Outreach (Homeless, Nursing Homes, Mission trips, Prayer walks, etc)