The Power of Light

( Ephesians 5:1-21)

Pastor Sammy Pawlak | August 20, 2017 | Ephesians

Pastor Sammy continues our study in Ephesians: "One key to good communication is “tone of voice.” It’s not just what is said, but how it is said that communicates a clear message. Texts, emails, and Facebook posts can often lead to conflict because written messages don’t have the benefit of a voice tone, by which to fully interpret the intention. Chapter 5 of Ephesians is one of those chapters that people often read, imagining an angry voice. I heard that angry voice when I used to read this chapter. I would like to read this passage for you in the voice of a loving father giving instruction to his children, then I feel compelled to share some things from my testimony to help you understand these significant words, and to see the power they have over sin and condemnation."

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Pastor Sammy Pawlak
About Pastor Sammy Pawlak: Sammy is the Founder and Lead Pastor for God’s House Orlando.