Your Here and Now

( 1 Peter 1:1-25)

Pastor Sammy Pawlak | November 5, 2017 | 1 Peter

Simon Bar Jonah, was a natural leader, perhaps because he was a big personality. He was a fisherman in Galilee, and had what seemed to be a small partnership of fellow fishermen and multiple boats. Jesus invited him to be one of His 12 Disciples, and his name, which Jesus changed to Peter is listed first, almost every time the disciples are mentioned. He is best known for his outspokenness, his occasion to walk on water with Jesus, his cowardice and denial of his Lord the night of Jesus’ arrest, his boldness after receiving the Holy Spirit, and his leadership of the early church. As we study his first letter to the church, you’ll notice that his favorite word is lively, living, or alive. Let’s look at this powerful letter and discover what Peter knew about real life, and how to really live it.

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Pastor Sammy Pawlak
About Pastor Sammy Pawlak: Sammy is the Founder and Lead Pastor for God’s House Orlando.