God’s House Orlando Staff

Web Crop – Sammy

Sammy grew up bouncing around the country with his parents who were pastors. Along the way he fell in love with Orlando and in 2003 decided to start a church here. While being a singer/musician all his life, he started the church, God’s House Orlando, to show God’s love to the entertainment community here in Central Florida. He has been performing in Orlando and the greater Central Florida area for over 20 years. An accomplished singer his voice has been described as deeply soulful and captivating, you have to stop and listen when he starts to sing. Sammy earned his Master’s in Theology from Faith Christian University and is passionate about God’s love. His wife, Shannon, is Worship Leader for God’s House and they have two daughters who they are thrilled to watch grow up into talented young ladies.

Sammy Pawlak

Lead Pastor
Web Crop – Shannon

Shannon is from Belleville, IL where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Illinois. Her powerful vocals and keyboard skills lead the Worship team for God’s House. She has been singing and playing in the Central Florida area since 2003 while working for various entertainment agencies in town. A gifted manager, she also lends her 15 years of expertise in the Project Management/Executive Assistant field as our Lead Administrator. Married to Sammy in 1994, they have two daughters who are their pride and joy.

Shannon Pawlak

Co-Pastor & Worship Leader
Web Crop – Aaron

Aaron hails from Racine, WI, Go Pack Go! He is the Assistant Pastor at God’s House Orlando. He earned his ministry training from Master’s Commission in Rockford, IL. He owns a wood refinishing business and also serves as the church’s financial director. Aaron is multi-talented. He plays drums, bass, sings, preaches, and to top it all off has a wicked drive! We are blessed to have Aaron bring all his talents to support God’s House. Aaron’s wife, Meg, is the Youth Pastor for God’s House and they have a son named Colin and daughter named Lainey.

Aaron Wasik

Assistant Pastor
Web Crop – Meg

Meg also known as “Meggie” has been the Youth Pastor at God’s House since 2008. She loves youth with a passion that most people will envy. She deeply cares for all of our youth and she has so much energy that they try to keep up with her! Ultra creative she excels at finding new ways to reach the youth of today. She will use any means to convey the love of God to everyone she meets. Meg grew up in Belleville, IL and went to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and studied music. She also sings across the Central Florida area. She is a multi-talented musician as she studied voice but also plays numerous other instruments. Her greatest role in life is Aaron’s wife and mommy to Colin and Lainey.

Meg Wasik

Youth Pastor
Web Crop – Shelia

Shelia joined the God’s House family as Children’s Pastor in 2012. She brings an excitement to teaching our children that is contagious. Shelia worked on staff with Willie George Ministries for over 10 years. She believes that no one is too young to learn about the love of God and she strives to convey that in all she does and to every child who comes through our doors. We are blessed to have her bring her talents to us. Shelia is originally from Colorado and has found her home here in the sun! She works as an Executive Assistant, and uses her creativity, and organizational skills to lead our Family Ministries.

Shelia Ellison

Children's Pastor
Web Crop – John

John spent his life in Belleville, IL before moving to Orlando to help start God’s House Orlando in 2004. He was a career High School Physics teacher and has a mind for collecting interesting information. John loves everything cars, an avid car enthusiast who would gladly sleep in his car if his wife let him. John coordinates everything from the managing of the building to training up new believers. He was also Lead Pastor of several churches in Illinois and that experience combined with his teaching career makes him the perfect person to train up our new believers. Together with his wife Terri, he has 3 grown children and his greatest joy in life is his 4 grandchildren.

John McCullough

Help's Ministry
Web Crop  Teri

Terri is from Belleville, IL. She is a talented Interior Designer and still loves to help people make their homes gorgeous. With an eye for all things beautiful, she sees the beauty not only in homes but also in people. She helps oversee our Greeters/Ushers and is on the Prayer Team. She truly values people and loves to see them reach their true potential in Christ. A powerful prayer warrior, Terri is perfectly suited for lending help to our prayer team. Nothing makes her happier than her three grown children and four grandchildren. Just ask her, she will tell you all about them!

Terri McCullough

Help's Ministry
Web Crop – Jeff

Jeff grew up in Southern California and has a vast ministry experience background. He has served on many large church staffs, pastored his own church, as well as traveled with YWAM. Jeff brings a zeal for prayer and spiritual gifts that brings the best out of everyone he meets. He has developed the prayer strategy and spiritual gifts training for God’s House. Also to Jeff’s credit is Awaken The Nation, a national catalyst movement that works with hundreds of churches to provide mentoring and strength to the Body of Christ. Jeff teaches other leadership teams the importance of power and demonstration of God’s Spirit to us. Jeff and his wife Nanette have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Jeff Bigby

Evangelism & Spritual Life Pastor
Web Crop – Flavio

Flavio Melo came to God’s House in 2009 and together with his wife, Flavia, brings a deep love and excitement for people of other cultures. Born in Brazil he is helping to reach the Portuguese population in Orlando for Christ. He is working hand in hand with Pastors Sammy and Shannon to find new ways to meet the needs of people from other cultures and show them God’s Love. Flavio has a background in accounting and has an entrepreneurial mind. He and his wife have 2 beautiful little girls, Debbie and Anna.

Flavio Melo

International Ministries
Web Crop – Flavia

Flavia Melo came to God’s House in 2009 with her husband Flavio. Flavia has a true passion to reach people of other cultures for Christ. She serves with her husband to coordinate our outreach efforts to not only the Brazilian population but other ethnic cultures in the city of Orlando as well. To know Flavia is to love her, her heart for people is evident from the moment you meet her. She is a trained Dentist and loves to serve. She has 2 beautiful girls who are a pure delight, Debbie and Anna.

Flavia Melo

International Ministries
Web Crop – Kevin

Kevin joined God’s House Orlando in 2008, completely new to faith. He grew up in Maryland, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from the University of Maryland – Baltimore County. For the past ten years he has been a leader in the entertainment and hospitality industry in Orlando. Kevin recently joined the staff at God’s House providing leadership to social media programs, as well as the church’s media team. He has a passion for equipping new believers and helping them in their walk with God. Kevin has recently rejoined us after relocating for a temporary job assignment in Shanghai, China.

Kevin Daugherty

Media Director
Web Crop – Rod Debbie

Rod Harter came to God’s House as an experienced business man with a heart for the local church. Ice cream, sporting goods, and yogurt are among his former business ventures as well as working for the IRS and various State agencies. He specializes in anything numbers related and uses his background to oversee the finances at God’s House. He is originally from the State of Washington but the sunshine won out over the rain and he and his wife Debbie have been here over a decade. Debbie serves God’s House in various administrative office duties and most of all in prayer! They have 2 grown children. Oh and another thing, Rod loves to play golf! Let him keep score, we know he can add!

Rod and Debbie Harter

Facilities Director