The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal:  To see God face to face.  Every effort, every thought, every faith-filled action, everything I'm living for is culminating in an experience, and enlightenment, a fulfillment, a full understanding of seeing the One for whom I have given everything.

The promise to every child of God is to finally see Him.  What crown, what righteous throne, what earthly or heavenly authority would evaluate as richly as to view and share in the glory of the Glorious One?  Jesus prayed that we might see His Glory, shared with The Father.  Moses had the finger-written law, the burning-bush spoken voice, the manna-raining presence of God, but yearned to see God's Glory.  The promise to every adopted child of God, chosen by God, forgiven by God, made an heir by God, to share in this:  The Glory of God.  This is the desire of every true child of God.  Heavenly peace, eternal life, millennial authority, tearless eternity; these have limited appeal to the true child of God.  For the one adopted, wants more than any THING, to know and see the Father who shows such love.

Seraphim, those six-winged, angelic creatures come close to His glory and hide their faces, all the while crying out "HOLY!"  Anointed elders, seated and enthroned in authoritative position, and crowned with righteous diadem have but one response when granted the one desire for which their faithfulness is rewarded; to see Him, whose glory outshines all others.  And seeing fully the glorious face of Him who chose these adopted ones into His family, all thrones are abandoned in favor of a humble floor, all crowns and rewards are returned with haste, even thrown hastily at the feet of Him, so glorious that no bejeweled treasure could compare. 

"A crown of righteousness", as Paul stated, "is laid up for me."  But the real treasure of Heaven is the face of the One for whom I have been purchased. 

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