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  • Man’s self-righteousness is an outward attempt to modify behavior, but has no ability to change a heart.  In fact, during the time of Christ, outward acts were the marker whereby someone’s righteousness might be measured.  The most outwardly pious were revered, and the openly religious......

  •   When I was a child of about four years of age, I remember riding in the front seat of my father’s red, 1971 Ford Fairlane-Falcon.  These were the days before seat belt laws and child restraints.  He parked in front of a convenience store......

  • Righteousness is a familiar word in religious circles. As words go, it is not uncomfortable to use among other religious terms, such as holy, salvation, sacrifice, and sin. But unlike these aforementioned terms, righteousness refers to a concept that is not only unfamiliar to the......


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